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Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

We’ve just relaunched our blog and we hope this blog can be a good add-on to our overall Photogear value.

To create a central hub of information, gear, and solutions for the NZ creatives and content creator communities.


You can find out about the latest news, releases, and innovations from the world of photo and film here. You’ll also find a collection of tutorials, tips, and tricks using the gear found in our stores to help you improve your skills.

Of course, the Photogear Deals & Promotions that everyone loves will be shared here too.

Photogear Super Deal

The posts and blogs will be written or curated by our knowledgeable team, and our friends who are also experts in the industry.

Please read on, comment and share. We look forward to building this info hub with you and your involvement is the key to make this place better for the community.

The Photogear Team
September 2021 – During Level 4 Lockdown

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