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The new GoPro Hero10 Black

GoPro has announced the next generation of action cameras: the Hero10 Black. While the form factor of the camera is almost identical to its predecessor, the Hero9 Black, GoPro has drastically improved performance with the brand new GP2 processor chip.

What’s new in the Hero10 Black?

Potentially the biggest improvement provided by the brand new GP2 chip is the increased frame rate capabilities. The Hero10 is able to double the frame rates of the previous model, now reaching up to 60fps in 5.3K, 120fps in 4K, and 240fps in 2.7K. This gives you plenty of options to highlight action shots with buttery-smooth slow motion.

The processing boost also benefits other core features of the Hero10: the response from the touchscreen has been improved, the front display now looks smooth at 30fps, and the speed of wireless video transfers has been increased by 30%. For the fastest speeds, the Hero10 Black introduces the option for wired uploads to GoPro’s Quik App: simply plug the camera into your smartphone!

Though the sensor has remained 23.6MP, the Hero10 gets more out of stills pulled from videos thanks to the powerful processing of the GP2. Compared to the Hero9’s 12MP stills from 4K video, the Hero10 can pull 19.6MP images from 5.3K footage. 

HyperSmooth stabilisation has also received a software update to 4.0, offering horizon levelling to 45 degrees. That’s almost double the angle of the Hero9 Black’s 27 degrees. Another new and useful feature brought to the Hero10 by the GP2 processor is the availability of Hypsersmooth 4.0 when live streaming in 1080p.

GoPro mods and accessories

The GoPro Hero10 Black has the same body and battery as the Hero9, making it fully compatible with GoPro Mods and other accessories available for the Hero9 Black. This carried-over compatibility means you can gear up immediately with a raft of accessories to get you set for the arrival of the hottest new action camera.

GoPro Mods are particularly useful to increase the capabilities of your Hero10. The Max Lens Mod (compatible with a firmware upgrade) increases your field of view and maximises stabilisation, and the Media Mod allows for better audio recording and HDMI output. It also provides two cold shoe mounts, perfect for the LED light and flip-up display mods, although you could just as easily add a shotgun mic and create a beautifully functional and compact vlogging or streaming setup. If you are looking for maximum customisation and to build a kit from scratch, you could consider SmallRig’s GoPro cage.

Additional items to enhance your shots include a dome port for those epic split over/underwater shots, ND filters for intense sunlight, filters for diving, and a stabilising gimbal for low-light filming (it can even carry the weight of your mods)! And don’t forget that while the Hero10 is tough and waterproof to 10 metres, a protective housing will let you go six times as deep, as well as provide a shield from mud, grit, and other flying debris when mobbing the trails.

You can preorder the GoPro Hero10 Black from Photogear today for $849 with stock expected to arrive in the week of 20th September. 

For more information, visit GoPro.

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