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An on-camera flash, also known as a speedlite, is a camera accessory which synchronises with your shutter to fire additional light onto your subject for stills photography. Most effective in indoor or darker environments, speedlites are very handy to carry around and can immensely improve your stills depending on the situation.

Godox is a brand that manufactures a variety of on-camera flashes suited for the major camera brands, such as:

  • Sony (products ending -S)
  • Canon (products ending -C)
  • Nikon (products ending -N)
  • Fujifilm (products ending -F)
  • Olympus/Panasonic (products ending -O)
  • Pentax (products ending -P)

As easy as sliding the flash unit onto your camera’s hotshoe, these are reliable and highly effective speedlites catered to whichever camera you own.

V-series vs TT-series

There are two series of speedlites that Godox manufacture, with some subtle differences.

The key difference is that the V-series uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery while the TT-series uses AA batteries (purchased separately).

Battery typeLi-ion (rechargeable)
(included in package)
(purchased separately)
Models within seriesV1*
V860 III
V860 II

*Note that the V1, unlike all the other flashes, does not have a diffuser/bounce card built-in.
^Note that the TT600 is a manual flash.

Both series come with models featuring different flash head sizes so you can choose which fits your camera best.

Besides the flash units themselves, Godox also makes various accessories designed to be used with these speedlites.

Triggers / Transceivers (Transmitter+Receiver)

Flash triggers allow you to remotely trigger your speedlite from a distance wirelessly. With built-in receivers on all Godox flash units, all you need is a trigger with a transmitting function.

After mounting the trigger onto your camera hotshoe, all that’s necessary is to set the Channel (CH) and ID of both the speedlite and the trigger to the same. Fire away! You’re all set up.

With an impressive working range of 100m, these triggers can be an invaluable part of your kit.

Godox makes two main models of their flash triggers – the X2T and the XPro.

Hotshoe (top)Yes
(allows flash to be
mounted above trigger)
Max no. of groups on
screen at the same time
Recommended forUsers just starting out

Users not needing to
access and change settings
across multiple flashes rapidly
More advanced users

Users needing to
quickly access and change
settings on multiple flashes

Flash head accessories

Designed primarily for the Godox V1, the AK-R1 kit contains a host of accessories which can be attached directly to the flash head magnetically. Simply snap on or snap off these parts with ease to modify the light effect of your speedlite.

  • Diffuser Dome*
  • Barn Doors
  • Snoot
  • Honeycomb Grid
  • Wide Lens
  • Bounce Card with Frame*
  • Warming Filters
  • Green Filter
  • Filter Holder

*Note that the V1 does not have an in-built bounce card/diffuser.


Consisting of a S/S2 bracket and a collapsible softbox, Godox’s speedlite softbox kits come in three different sizes: 50x50cm, 60x60cm, or 80x80cm.

Easy to set-up and extremely effective, the softbox helps to diffuse the light from your flash, allowing you to achieve much softer light than through regular usage. The included softbox fits directly onto the external rim of the bracket, as shown in the images below:

S/S2 Brackets

These highly versatile brackets not only allow the use of the specialised speedlite softboxes as described above, but also allows for Bowens mount accessories to be attached. Simply plug in and lock your flash via the reverse side, then lock on your desired accessory on the front side of the bracket. This helps to create even more possibilities in the way you use your flash.

In addition, the bottom of the bracket fits directly onto the the standard mount found on light stands (5/8″). Used in conjunction with a trigger, you can set up your flashes off-camera and remotely trigger them to fire as you hit your shutter.

CompatibilityFlash models
S (S1) bracketV860 III
V860 II
S2 bracketV1
and all also compatible with S1


Within the design of these S-type or S2-type brackets is also the presence of a umbrella holder.

Available to be purchased separately, this provides another option in softening the light emitted from the flash unit, with three types of umbrellas to choose from.

More and more options! There is simply no limit to how you can adapt your flash units with the massive range of accessories to choose from. Pick up some of these accessories today to up your flash game.

Browse our full range of Godox products here.

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