IT’S FINALLY HERE! The all new a7IV has hit the market!


A lot of people have been waiting for this camera. A lot of rumors have been circulating concerning this camera. Now that it is finally here, we will walk you through all the new features and changes from previous models, and find out if this is the right camera for you!

Let’s start off by getting the most obvious out of the way. The new Sony a7IV now features a 33MP sensor, a new processor (same as the Sony a1), and the same body style as the Sony a7SIII, which everyone has learned to love. But is this the new all-mighty camera or might you want to hold onto your current setup?

So what’s has changed?

Sony has taken the already great a7III and improved everything across the board:

  • 33MP BSI CMOS full-frame sensor
  • Up to 10 fps shooting in lossy Raw with extensive buffer
  • In-body stabilization rated up to 5.5EV
  • Full-width oversampled 4K from 7K, up to 30p
  • 4K/60p with Super35 / APS-C mode
  • 10-bit video or HEIF stills capture
  • H.265 video, S-Cinetone color mode
  • 3.69M dot OLED viewfinder
  • Twin card slots (1x CFe A/UHS-II, 1x UHS-II SD)
  • Full-time Bluetooth LE connection

The sensor, taken from the a1, has also found its way into the new a7IV. This means you can not only expect exceptional auto-focus but also flex on all Sony a1 users with your new articulating LCD screen. 😎 Speaking of displays, the new LCD Screen has been improved from 0.92M dots in the a7III to 1.04M dots in the a7IV. While not an overwhelming improvement, some compromises were needed to be made to achieve such a price point. Additionally, substantial upgrades have been made with the new viewfinder, which has seen an increase from 2.36M dots to 3.69M dots. Not only that but the a7IV also offers the option of a smooth 120Hz refresh rate which competes on the same level as other cameras in this price range.

Stills Features

The upgraded sensor with 33MP offers more detail and allows for larger prints of better quality. If you are publishing your work mainly online, the additional megapixels can come in handy when cropping your photos. Otherwise, the image quality is very comparable to the a7III.

When it comes to burst mode, The a7IV is capable of shooting 10fps bursts, but not in every format; this speed is only possible in compressed RAW, while uncompressed RAW will only allow you to shoot at 6fps. Despite this, the buffer has been improved significantly, which will allow for much better operation during the action and sports photography. If you have used an a7III in burst mode (shooting RAW) for any kind of fast pace photography, you will know what I am talking about.

Video Features

Looking for more video-focused upgrades? No problem! Gone are the days of micro HDMI ports! The a7IV features a full-sized HDMI port and is now able to record 4K/60p in Super35 mode with the addition of 10-bit Log and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma). The a7IV also comes with Eye AF in video mode and a new focus assist feature called ‘Focus Map’ that offers a different visualization to normal focus peaking (example below).

‘Focus Map’ Example

For long 4K recordings, it is advised that you flip out the LCD Screen and not rest the camera on a surface to allow for the best maximum cooling. For example mounting it onto a tripod, setting the heat limit to high, and flipping out the screen should allow you very long recording sessions without overheating, even in 4K/60p.

One thing to consider is the rather slow read-out speed as the a7IV does not have a stacked sensor. How does that affect my video you may ask? Well, it results in a rather poor rolling shutter behavior. If you are used to the Sony a7III, expect similar performance in that regard. If you are using an a7SIII or a1, make sure to look into this before purchasing for shooting video! Those cameras have stacked sensors with better rolling shutter control.

Streaming Support and Connectivity

It is now possible to live stream via the USB port in 4K/15p or FHD/30p. Just connect to your laptop or Andriod Device (IOS not supported as of 30/10/2021).

Connection features like 2.4/5GHz WIFI and better Bluetooth support, as well as an updated USB-C port have also found their way into the a7IV. One of the two SD-Card slots has also been updated to include the Hybrid Slot from the a7S III. This slot accepts either SD- or CFExpress Type A cards.


Overall the a7 IV offers a lot for the price and is packed with upgrades across the board. For anyone looking for more megapixels, new connection features, and an overall updated body over the a7III and is okay with the price bump, this is your camera. It is versatile and allows for hybrid shooting, but with some expected downgrades to higher-end cameras like the Sony a1.

Order yours today!

Our Sony a7 IV Mirrorless Camera price (RRP) is NZD $4795 (correct as of 30.10.2021).

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Prices and information are correct at the time of writing. Please reference for current pricing and information.

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