Black Friday Sales 2021


The time of year we have all been waiting for is finally here. Black Friday sales! Here at Photogear we have some BIG savings ready for you and to make it easier I have summarized everything into a guide for you. Below is a table with a summary of what deals we have right now but read on for further details.

The below table will be updated as we get more deals added. (prices below could change without notice)

BrandsNoteworthy DealsPrices
ATOMOSNinja V external monitor/ recorder$779.00
Ninja V+ external monitor/ recorder$1699.00
FujifilmFujifilm X-T4 starter kit w/ battery + SD card$2775.00
Fujifilm X-T200 with 15-45mm lens$859.00
Fujifilm 50mm f/1.0 XF black lens$2099.00
GodoxGodox AD600 Pro studio flash$1259.00
Godox Zoom RGB LED video light$1062.00
Godox TL60 Tube Light Two-Light Kit$615.00
SWITUp to $422 off on SWIT products
NanliteForza 150 LED Spotlight$675.00
PavoTube II 15X RGB LED tube 2-Kit$812.00
Core SWXNano 98Wh V-mount Li-ion battery$389.00
ShureShure SM7B Studio Vocal Microphone$729.00
Wooden CameraUpto 30% on Wooden Camera products
NikonNikon Z7 ii Body only$5428.00
Nikon Z6 ii Body only$3498.00
Nikon Z5 Body only$2449.00
LAOWALaowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens for Canon EF$2529.00
SmallHDSmallHD 503 Ultra Bright 5″ HDMI & SDI Monitor$2299.00
SmallHD 703 Ultra Bright 7″ HDMI & SDI Monitor$3699.00
SmallHD 24″ Cine High Bright 4K Production Monitor$8999.00
YoloBoxYoloLiv YoloBox Pro $1899.00
PortKeysPortKeys BM5 III 5.5″ HDMI & SDI Touchscreen Monitor$999.00
Portkeys LH5P 5.5″ HDMI Touchscreen Monitor$599.00
TeradekUp to $1136.00 in savings.
SmallRigSmallRig Lightweight Matte Box 2660$153.00
SmallRig Mini Follow Focus 3010$153.00
TiltaTilta Float Handheld Gimbal Support System$1999.00
Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mounting System – V-Mount$1899.00
PGYTechPGYTECH OneGo Backpack 18L(Obsidian Black)$239.00
SaramonicSaramonic Blink 500 Pro B1 $292.00
Saramonic Blink 500 Pro White B1$292.00
Saramonic Blink 500 Pro B2 2-Person$439.00
Saramonic Blink 500 Pro White B2 2-Person$439.00
ZhiyunZhiyun WEEBILL 2 Handheld Gimbal Professional Kit for Cameras$1199.00
Zhiyun Crane-2S Pro 3-Axis Gimbal (complete package)$1075.00
Zhiyun Crane 2S Camera Gimbal$669.00
H&YH&Y Filters RevoRing Variable ND3-ND1000 & Circular Polarizer Filter (67-82mm)$245.00
H&Y Filters RevoRing 52-72mm Variable Adapter for 77mm Filters$47.00

Cameras & Lenses


Fujifilm has some awesome deals this Black Friday so if you are looking for a hybrid photography + video camera be sure to check out the X-T4 deals we have. Another noteworthy sale will be the new 50mm f/1.0 which is now $2099.00. Fujifilm is a favoured brand for many travel content makers as it is small, lightweight and also most of their bodies are weather sealed. If you are looking for a cheap camera that is able to shoot 4K60p, then make sure you check out the Fujifilm X-T3. For under $2000.00 you can get 4K60p 10bit internal recording, our starter kits include the recommended media as well.


We have all of Nikon’s new Full Frame cameras on special this Black Friday. The Z6 ii, Z7 ii and Z5 are all part of Nikon’s new mirrorless Z series. If you are looking to upgrade to Mirrorless from an older DSLR now is the perfect time with these savings. There are also kits available with each camera body that come with a kit lens. We also have a few DSLR bodies on sale such as the D850 and the flagship D6 body.


Have you been thinking about Macro Photography or Astro Photography? Laowa has some great lenses on special this Black Friday. Laowa focuses on making specialised lenses such as ultra macro, super-wide with zero distortion, and also the famous Probe Lens. They have a great range for all camera mounts, being manual focus lenses they are able to keep the price low without sacrificing quality.



Godox has a huge range available for Black Friday this year. Whether you are a photographer, videographer, both or just a vlogger Godox has lighting that will step up your production quality. Ranging from their studio strobe lights to the continuous video LED lights. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to score yourself some quality lighting, Godox sells like hotcakes.


Nanlite is another exciting lighting brand that if you are more of a video shooter. Looking for some special effect lighting and RGB colour lights, then be sure to check out these great deals for nanlite. The most popular sale is probably going to be the new PavoTube ii.

Monitors/ Recorders


The Ninja V and Ninja V+ will be on special this Black Friday. There are a few kits that we have made which are also on specials, such as a starter kit with media and batteries. ATOMOS has industry leading external recorders which help you unlock the full potential of your cameras recording capabilities. Along with the Ninja V and Ninja V+ there is also the ATOMOS CONNECT which is a HDMI to USB adapter for turning your cameras into a webcam for live streaming. You can see all of our specials for ATOMOS here.


SmallHD has its main monitors in each size on special this Black Friday. We have the following On-Camera monitors which can also be used as Director Monitors;

We also have the bigger field / broadcast / production monitors on sale. Including the new 4K Cine 24″ monitor;


Our new range of all-in-one live streaming monitors/ switchers/ recorders/ encoders by YoloBox will be on special this Black Friday. For anything live stream related, YoloBox is the best starting point for your tool kit. We have the YoloBox Pro in stock.


Portkeys has a range of 5″ on-camera monitors that allow camera control with certain cameras. We have the BM5 iii and the LH5P monitors on sale. If you are looking for a monitor solution for on top of your camera PortKeys would be worth considering especially with the camera control ability options. If you have a Nucleus-N or Nucleus-M then you also get the ability to control focus using the BM5 iii and LH5P.

Wireless Systems


We have a small selection of Teradek available on special as well this Black Friday. Teradek is a professional standard and choice of wireless video transmitting.

Camera Rigging/ Accessories


We have a whole lot of Smallrig sales going. Smallrig is our go to solution for anything camera rigging related. Shop our range of Smallrig Black Friday sales here.


We have Tilta’s brand new Hydra Alien and Float in stock and on sale for Black Friday. We also have the Nuclues-M that I mentioned goes hand in hand with the PortKeys monitors for focus control. With both Tilta and Portkeys Black Friday sales you can get yourself set up for wireless Pull Focusing.


There is a range of adapters and accessories by PGYTech on sales but the most exciting will be their OneGo backpack. Keeping it lowkey the OneGo is the perfect travel camera bag. With easy access compartments and a sleek design the OneGo doesn’t look like a typical camera backpack, drawing less attention to your gear than a regular camera bag.

Wooden Camera

We have up to 30% off across all Wooden Camera products for this Black Friday. Wooden camera has a lot of camera rigging solutions for videographers and cinematographers.



Save up to 15% across the board with our Saramonic Black Friday sales. We have a wide range of microphones, wired and wireless as well as some audio adapters and mixers. Including the Blink500 Pro which has been an exciting product for us this year. This is a small and compact set of wireless lavalier mics that come with their own case to also charge the units. How James Bond is that. These have the option of single and double transmitters and also have additional iOS and Android adapters if you want to record to a smartphone.


Shure microphones are popular for podcast set ups and also voice recordings in a studio. Their popular products include the MV7X and the SM7B, both which are on sale. If you are thinking about starting a Podcast or a talk show then now is your perfect time to get equipped with the best.



Say goodbye to shaky footage and get in on these Zhiyun gimbal deals. We have savings of up to $200. For anything from a smartphone to a Cinema camera Zhiyun has gimbals for you. Some noteworthy gimbals to look at would be;

Batteries/ Powering solution


SWIT is one of our go to solution for external battery power for cameras, lights and monitors. They have a huge range of V-mount batteries and chargers. Which are often used for video cameras and can also be used to power some more powerful LED lights when AC power is not an option. One to keep an eye out for is the Prince Kit from SWIT, A 500W battery kit for Arri Skypanel and Cine lighs.

Core SWX

Core SWX has proven to be a reliable option for powering the new RED Komodo camera along with a lot of the Blackmagic cameras such as the BMPCC6K Pro and the Ursa Mini G2 and Ursa Mini 12k.



Looking for good bang for buck, H&Y filters are our most popular option. Now with even more savings from Black Friday you can get yourself a variable ND or a Polarizing filter for your next project. Besides well made and priced filters H&Y is known for their RevoRing. RevoRing is an adapter ring that can step between multiple different filter thread sizes. A common problem you can end up with is a bunch of different filter sizes or a bunch of step up rings to adapt each filter. Now with H&Y’s RevoRing design you can get filters to fit multiple different filter threads. Below are some of these exciting RevoRing deals;

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