New Nanlite Forza 150 LED Spotlight, Compact yet Powerful!


Nanlite has recently announced a new Forza 150. The small lightweight COB LED features a more powerful output (more than double) than the Forza60, which has been very popular among our customers. With the reflector on, the Forza 150 has an output of 27960 LUX @ 1m. The Forza 150 has the same body design as the Forza 60 but is slightly bigger. They share the same attachment mount making it easy to share light modifiers between the two lights.

A lot of the time we have seen that people want a bit more punch than the Forza 60 can offer but love how small and compact it is, making the Forza 150 the perfect fit for your kit. The small compact design means it can make a great fill light or even be used as a back/ hair light.

This would make a great studio light for interviews or product shooting as a fill or a key light. The BEAST combo would be to get a Forza 150 as your key and then get a second Forza 60 light as your fill or even as a hair light due to its small size you can get it high up without any issues.


The Forza 150 is powerful and can output 27960 Lux at 3.3′ and dims from 0 to 100%. The LED light has a bunch of control options and benefits by DMX/RDM for console-centered control as well wirelessly with a Bluetooth-driven phone-app control. You can also power the Forza 150 by V-Mount batteries for when you are out and on location.

The Forza 150 has been designed to be used with the new NANLINK app so that you can control and power all your lights from your phone. Further DMX and RDM control are available for more niche demands.


Included with the Forza 150 will be a reflector, AC power cord, Bowens mount adapter, and a carry case for it all. It doesn’t stop there with Nanlite, below is a list of accessories available for the Forza 150.

Forza 150 V-mount battery adapter.

The Forza 150 is a first of its kind. Combining lighting effects, modular design, a powerful output and all in a small compact body is sure to make this popular with any professional content creator or filmmakers.

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