YoloBox Pro, live streaming all-in-one.

YoloBox Pro connection ports


You may not have heard of it yet but expect to see a lot more of it. The Yolobox Pro is a live streaming encoder, switcher, recorder, and monitor all-in-one. It features up to 3x HDMI inputs, 1x USB input, 3.5mm jack, SD card slot, Ethernet, and has built-in WiFi and battery.

We are now living in a world where face-to-face contact and group gatherings are restricted, live streaming has surely been taken to new heights. The Yolobox Pro is a first of its kind with so many features all in one. Not to mention on a workable screen size of 8″. It features 3x HDMI inputs, 1x HDMI output, 3.5mm monitoring jack, and a separate 3.5mm audio jack, 1x USB input, SD slot, SIM card slot, Ethernet, and USB-C for continuous power. There is also a Chroma Key feature that allows you to perform green screen keying all from on your Yolobox Pro.

You see, it was really hard to fit all the features in one short paragraph!

Top Features

Here are my top 5 favourite features from the new release.

  1. On board graphics
    The Yolobox Pro allows you to add graphics and titles to your stream and allows editing/ adjusting of them. Some of the graphics include;
    • Custom Lower Thirds – Customize colors and captions​.
    • Scoreboard with Advanced Settings – Customize colours, team names, and add team logo​.
    • Game clock timer.
    • Channel Bug – Customizable transparency and placement​.
    • ​YoloBox Pro also Features ​ PDF Display Capability via SD Card.
  2. HDMI Pass through
    Using the Yolobox Pro you can turn your camera into a webcam without any laptop/ computer needed.
  3. SIM Card for connectivity
    Stream anywhere with a 4G LTE SIM card.
  4. Ethernet and WiFi
    Along with being able to stream over 4G with a SIM card your options don’t stop there. You can also use ethernet or your mobile WiFi to stream straight out of the YoloBox Pro.
  5. Chroma Key

Videoguys have done a great video talking you through their Top 10 favourite features of the YoloBox Pro. Check it out here.

This would be a great tool for wedding shooters wanting to live stream their clients events with limited numbers. Being compact and portable the Yolobox Pro can easily fit in your kit bag and can stream with a variety of different internet options. For any event videographer this would be a game changer to offer a new type of service to your clients.


Who’s this product for?

  • Wedding videographers wanting to stream the ceremony or reception.
  • Event shooters wanting to live stream a show or event to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram etc.
  • Sporting events that needs to live stream and show graphics such as scoreboard and timer.
  • Gaming streamers that want to shoot their stream and themselves.
  • Podcasters that want to stream a multi cam setup.
  • Live streaming press conferences for sports or news.

ATEM Mini vs YoloBox

The alternative item to the YoloBox Pro would be the Blackmagic ATEM Mini. The ATEM Mini is a switcher that allows you to connect up to 4x HDMI streams. It needs to be used with a laptop that can connect to the internet to stream. The ATEM Mini has the advantage of having custom keys for transitions and graphics but is still not as complete of a package as the YoloBox Pro is.

With the YoloBox Pro you can live stream from anywhere as long as you have WiFi or a SIM card that can connect it to the internet without a laptop. There is the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro which allows you to live stream directly from it via an Ethernet cable. You can view a more in-depth video comparing the ATEM Mini and the YoloBox below by Aaron Parecki.


In conclusion the YoloBox Pro is a more complete package that allows you to connect a multi-camera setup to it and live stream from anywhere. This saves you the hassle of setting up and carrying a laptop with you wherever you go. YoloBox Pro is definitely a tool that the modern day filmmaker will find useful in their tool kit, allowing them to offer a service of live streaming with no hassle.

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