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Their new series of lights after the highly popular Light Storm collection, the amaran series is the latest addition to Aputure’s lineup. Aputure has announced small COB lights in the 60x/60d and LED light panels in the P60x/P60c in this release. These are highly versatile cost-effective lights suitable for content-creators and professionals alike.

The P60c/P60x panels are due to arrive with us late Nov – early Dec 2021, while the 60x/60d lights will be here in early 2022.

Let’s take a dive into these lights.

amaran P60x / amaran P60c

Perhaps the feature that stands out the most from the new LED panels is the full RGB capabililty of the amaran P60c. Highly colour accurate with CRI, TLCI and CQS values all ≥95, the P60c breaks the boundaries of the previous generation’s daylight/bi-colour only limitations while retaining high colour fidelity.

Images from Aputure

With what looks like a much more robust build compared to the older Aputure HR672 series and a significantly lighter unit in comparison to the past Aputure Tri-8 series, the amaran panels appear to make a marked improvement over Aputure’s legacy LED panels.

Pair this with the ability to control both the amaran P60c and amaran P60x via Aputure’s Sidus Link app directly (without the need for the Sidus Link Bridge), and we might just have a winner here.

amaran P60c/P60x
Power OutputP60c: 60W
P60x: ≤60W
Light/Colour OptionsBi-colour + Full RGB



Power OptionsMains Power
NP-F Series Batteries
Mains Power
NP-F Series Batteries
Mains Power
V-mount Batteries
MaterialTo be confirmed
*likely to be aluminium.
Weight (Fixture only)P60c: 1.88kg
P60x: 0.98kg
(with yoke, cable, frame, mount, receiver)
(with V-mount plate)
Sidus Link

Sidus Link Bridge

Sidus Link Bridge
Price (as of 15/11/2021)P60c: $599
P60x: $429

Also available in kits of 3 units respectively, these are expected to arrive in late Nov/early Dec 2021.

Pre-order yours early to secure your unit!

amaran 60x / amaran 60d

Measuring only a tiny 11.7 x 11.1 x 11.1cm, the amaran 60x and amaran 60d are extremely small sized lights for the power they pack. At a distance of 1m with the included Hyper Reflector, these 60W lights can hit up to 45,100 lux (60d, 5600K) and 35,700 lux (60x, 5600K).

With the included NP-F and V-mount battery plates, these lights can be powered on the move and are extremely portable. Having both battery plates included and compatible with the lights also makes these stand out from other competing brands with 60W lights – Nanlite’s Forza 60 only has a NP-F battery option, while Godox’s SL-60 can only be mains-powered.

Image from Aputure
amaran 60x/60d powered with a V-mount battery

Image from Aputure
amaran 60x/60d powered with NP-F series batteries

The amaran 60d is the daylight-balanced version, with the colour temperature fixed at 5600K. While you lose some power with the 60x, you get the option to adjust the colour temperature between 2700-6500K to match the warmth of the surrounding light.

Finally, the full-sized Bowens mount on the light makes it compatible with not only the full range of Aputure light accessories like their Light Dome series, but those made by other brands too.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison between some of the 60W lights we have available:

amaran 60x/60d
Forza 60/60B
Power Output60W60W60W60W
Mount TypeBowens-typeForza 60 dedicated mount
(convertable to Bowens-type
with Nanlite AS-BA-FZ60)
Power Option(s)Mains Power
NP-F Series Batteries
V-mount Batteries
Mains Power
NP-F Series Batteries
Mains PowerMains Power
NP-F Series Batteries
Carrying BagYesYesNoYes
Price (as of 22/11/2021)60d: $279
60x: $329
Forza 60: $429
Forza 60B: $499
SL-60W: $229
SL-60Y: $234
ML-60: $459
ML-60B: $465

Which would be your next go-to 60W light? Let us know in the comments below!

Pre-order your amaran lights, or shop our full range of Aputure products with Photogear today.

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