FREE Adapter with Laowa OOOM 25-100mm T2.9 Cine lens


Laowa lenses (Venus Optics) has been creating specialized lenses for nearly 10 years and has been an exciting brand for us to stock at Photogear. Their Cine lens range, OOOM, has a 4x zoom range with a 25-100mm T2.9 and we are excited to help you get your hands on one.

Buy one OOOM cine lensget 1.4x Full Frame Expander OR 1.33x Rear Anamorphic adapter for FREE. The promotion offer starts today until 30-APR 2022.

Key Lens Features:

  • Comprehensive 4x zoom range
  • Super35+ Coverage
  • Parfocal Design
  • Extremely low focus breathing
  • Constant T2.9 with super close focus

Comprehensive 4x zoom range

A versatile, all-in-one lens. From ultra wide to telephoto.

Super35+ coverage

A bigger super35 covering 4k UHD on Alexa Mini and 8k HD on Red Helium / 5k HD on Red

Parfocal design

The focus remains the same no matter zoom in or out. Your subject will remain sharp and in

Extremely low focus breathing

Your composition will remain the same when changing the focus.

Constant T2.9 with super close focus

The large constant T2.9 allows you to shot in low light situation through-out the whole
zoom range. The lens can focus as close as 60cm (~2 feet) which give you more
opportunities for a creative shot.

What is Super 35+?

There is no standard size of Super35. Super 35 usually ranged from sensor diagonal 31 – 34mm. Certain lenses claim to be able to cover Super 35 in the market, but may turn out covering the smaller part of Super 35 or the bigger part of Super 35. The Laowa OOOM lens can cover the bigger Super 35 (>33mm) and so we use Super 35+.

User-Interchangeable mounts

The OOOM lens (Black) includes a default PL mount with standard Canon EF and Sony E mount bayonets, all packed neatly in a custom foamed travel case.

The OOOM lens (White) includes a default PL mount with standard Canon RF, Canon EF and Sony E mount bayonets, all packed neatly in a custom foamed travel case.

Lens adapters

The two lens adapters that you can get for FREE with the purchase of a Laowa OOOM lens are;

Laowa 1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter (Simple Pack) – (PL-PL)

Laowa 1.4x Full Frame Expander (Simple Pack) – (PL-PL)

1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter

A 1.33x rear anamorphic adapter is designed to match with the OOOM lens for creating a 2.4:1 widescreen cinematic look with no sacrifice of resolution.

  • Half a stop of light down on the lens when the adapter is used.
  • It is compatible with other S35 lenses in the market.


The horizontal and vertical focal lengths of the adapter are different. Therefore, the image is blurred if it is not in the right direction. Rotate the handwheel until both direction are in focus.

Back Focus Adjustment

Add shims to the adapter to adjust the back focus.

1.4x Full Frame Expander

Expand the coverage from Super35 to Full Frame without degrading the image quality. Offset the aberration found on the OOOM but maintain its vintage characters and performance. It has much less of an impact on focal range comparing with other expanders in the market.

  • There will be a 1-stop light down and 1.4x impact on the focal range, making OOOM a 35-140mm T4 lens.
  • A quick switch button is designed on the OOOM to allow easy conversion of focal length & t-stop scale.
  • It is compatible with other S35 lenses in the market.

The coverage of OOOM can be converted from RED Monstro 8K VV 6K HD to RED Monstro 8K VV – 8K HD after 1.4X Full Frame Expander is applied.

Easy Back Focus Adjustment

After the lens gets in focus, mount the 1.4x Full Frame Expander onto the lens. If the focus shifted, rotate the focus adjusting mechanism left and right to the focus point.

Pros: Unlike other competitors which need complicated installing procedure handled by professional technicians in a dust-free environment, there are just few steps to install this expander and adjust the back focus.


Below are some samples of the Anamorphic adapter being used;

Test footage shot by Robert Neuber.

Test footage shot by Robert Neuber.

Flare and Bokeh testing by James Tonkin.

Flare and Bokeh testing by James Tonkin.


To purchase a Laowa OOOM Cine lens, you can head to our website to place an order online or feel free to call us or come into store and one of our staff will be able to assist with ordering you one. If you order online you will need to email us which adapter you would like to get for free otherwise we will be in touch to check with you.

Laowa OOOM Cine lens:

1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter:

1.4x Full Frame Expander:

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