DZOFilm Vespid Prime + Catta Ace Cine lens


Photogear will be stocking the new DZOFilm Vespid prime + Catta Ace cine lenses. These are DZOFilms first Full Frame Cinema lenses, and some of the best quality for their price point. Most cinema lenses are Super 35mm and NOT Full Frame, and when they are they normally cost an arm and a leg.

Catta Ace

DZOFilm has announced the new Catta Ace. The black metal material finished version of the Catta Zoom cine lenses. Catta Ace is also only available in PL mount and EF mount.


It can be confusing when looking at the DZOFilm Catta Zoom and Catta Ace lenses. Ones white, and ones black. One costs more than the other. One is designed for mirrorless cameras and the other for more generic video/cinema cameras.

Lets clear things up for you. The Catta Zoom only comes in white and is designed for Mirrorless cameras. That’s why it comes in E-mount, L-mount, X-mount, Z-mount and RF mount.

The Catta Ace range only comes in black and has 2 mount options. PL or EF mount. It normally comes in PL mount but included for free is a EF mount kit which you can easily swap out on your own.

Focal Lengths

There are 2 zoom ranges in the Catta Ace range. The first one is the 30-80mm T2.8.

The second is their 70-135mm T2.8.

Vespid Prime

Vespid Prime is DZOFilms first range of prime cine lenses. Up until this point DZOFilm has been making a name for themselves in the cine zoom lens market. They recently announced their Full Frame cine zoom lenses and now they have released their Full Frame primes.


Vespid comes in a wide range of different focal lengths. 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm, 100mm and 125mm. All the lenses feature a T Stop of T2.1, except for the 90mm Macro which is T2.8.

All the lenses are well balanced and feature a full metal housing. They are made to be lightweight and range from around 730g to 940g. This can be thought of as heavy for a S35 lens or a Auto Focus/ stills photography lens, but remember these are now Full Frame Cinema lenses. Its not uncommon for one of these lenses to be anywhere upwards of 1kg. DZOFilm has created well made products for the new age filmmaker. As cameras and rigs are getting smaller so do the lenses need to be.

The outer front diameter of these lenses is 80mm, but they do also include an inner diamter of 77mm so you can use circular filters.

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