SWIT MINO S-140 V-Mount battery


The SWIT Mino-S140 is the smallest 140Wh V-mount battery on the market. The MINO-S140 features a 65W USB-C socket, for cameras, monitors, , tablets, laptops and all kinds of devices on a filmset. It also features a 5V/2A output USB-A & 150W/12A high load D-Tap which can also be used for charging the battery.


V-mount batteries tend to be big, bulky and heavy , but for manufacturers to keep them small they have been limited to 98Wh capacity. SWIT already has pocket sized batteries in their PB line up. Including the PB-M98S and PB-S98S. However after a lot of work and research SWIT has finally brought out a small pocket sized large capacity battery. The Mino S-140.

The SWIT MINO-S140 measures 105 × 79.6 × 55.5mm and only weighs in at 713g. SWIT has been able to make this battery smaller thanks to, what they call, “wire-free” internal tech. According to SWIT, “all the cells, D-tap, USB-A, USB-C, power indicator devices are directly soldered onto the PCB, no connecting wires, to reduce internal resistance effectively, and make the circuit stable, safe, and reliable.”.

image credit: SWIT

USB-C 65W Power Output

You can power and charge laptops via USB-C with the MINO-S140. The USB-C output supports 5V 3.25A, 9V 3.25A, 12V 3.25A, 15V 3.25A and Max 20V 3.25A, BC1.2, PD2.0/3.0, QC2.0/3.0, FCP, SCP multiple protocols.
(For Macbook Air/13, Macbook Pro 13/14/15/16, Huawei Matebook E/12/X13/XPRO, Thinkpad, HP, ASUS, Dell and almost all laptops with USB-C ports).

image credit: SWIT

What to power?

To give you some context with products we sell that you may be familiar with. Two SWIT MINO-S140 can power an Aputure C300dii for 1 hour at full brightness. The SWIT MINO-S140 is a high load capacity battery.

It can also power the Nanlite 900SA Daylight LED Panel at full brightness for just under 3 hours! Calculation is done by taking the max power output/ consumption of the light and dividing it by the capacity of the V-mount battery.

Power the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k Pro for 4+ hours. *approx. as power consumption depends on recording modes.

With multiple power output options you can power camera rigs with monitors, light(s) and wireless transmitters. There is also a 4 step LED power indicator on the left hand side to show you how much power is left.

image credit: SWIT

Coming into stock

The SWIT MINO-S140 will be a stock item that we keep in stock at Photogear. With units on their way be the first to get your hands on one. Order online or in store today.

order online: https://bit.ly/SWITMINO140

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