Viltrox lens Breakdown



Viltrox is a Camera electronics brands based out of China. Their main products include lenses, lens mount adapters and extension tubes. They also make LED lights, monitors, flash triggers and other camera electronic accessories but their main focus are lenses and lens mount adapters.

Viltox have been making products since 2007 and more recently have become very popular for APS-C shooters with their 85mm f/1.8 and 56mm f/1.4 lenses. These are very popular lenses for portrait photography. Viltrox strives to produce the best quality lenses at an affordable price and have really hit the mark.

Viltrox specialises in 3 types of lenses, Full Frame, APS-C (Cropped Sensor) and Cine lenses.

Full Frame

Under the Full Frame size Viltrox makes lenses for Sony FE mount, Nikon Z and Canon RF. They have a pretty sort after range of lenses for Sony FE mount and Nikon Z mount. For Canon RF mount they only have 1 lens available. Viltrox only make prime lenses and has a full range available for the Nikon Z mount and Sony FE. The available focal ranges are 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm.

The newest addition to the Viltrox family is the RF 85mm f/1.4. This will be a popular choice amongst Canon shooters as Canon is the only other company to make RF lenses. If you own a Canon R camera then you’re no stranger to the prices of their lenses. Canon’s RF lenses are some of their best and newest technology and glass , but with that comes big costs. The other option you have is to use the older EF lenses from Canon and use the EOS to EOS-R adapter but then you will sacrifice performance. Viltrox has now given you the option of a third party lens at a fraction of the cost but still keeping the quality high. Benefits of a native RF mount means you can still get the performance speeds of auto focus that EF lenses or any other lenses through an adapter wont be able to offer.


Viltrox has a bigger APS-C range of lenses. They make lenses for the Sony E mount, Nikon Z mount, Canon EF-M and Fujifilm X mount. The 56mm has been very popular for a lot of Fujifilm shooters. The Fujifilm 56mm is a beautiful sharp lens with great bokeh for portraits, but it is quite pricey. This is why the Viltrox one has ben so popular as you can achieve similar quality and sharpness but at half the price. The available focal ranges in the APS-C size are 23mm, 33mm, 56mm and 85mm.


Cine lenses tends to be bigger and more expensive than their distant cousin, the “Photography” lens. Photography lenses are smaller and more durable and allow for easy use with the camera and lens in hand. Cine lenses are more delicate and have to accommodate more features. Cine lenses need to be parfocal, smooth zoom, large focus throw, hard stops, and minimal breathing. Viltrox only makes prime Cine lenses so the zoom functions don’t matter in this case. Viltrox makes these Cine lenses in the available mounts and focal lengths.

  • Sony FE: 20mm T2.0
  • Leica L: 20mm T2.0
  • Sony E (APS-C): 23mm T1.5, 33mm T1.5, 56mm T1.5


If you are looking for a lens that still holds high quality and sharpness then Viltrox will be worth considering to form part of your kit. I believe native lenses will always have the best performance on cameras. If your auto focus speed doesn’t matter too much to you and you still want something that is built well and still upholds quality, Viltrox is the way to go.

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