Samyang RF mount version of MKII VDSLR Cine lenses


Samyang (or Rokinon or Bower depending on your region in the world) has released its RF mount version of the popular VDSLR Cine lenses. They had originally released the MKII versions in 2020 and now have redesigned the mount to fit the new Canon EOS R lineup. The Samyang RF cine lenses.

Samyang RF Cine lens MK II focal lengths

Cine Kit

Along with a full set of Cine lenses Samyang has also brough out their Cine Kit, which is a follow focus system designed to go hand in hand with their lenses.

Its worth noting that there’s not a lot of RF third party lenses. So if you are looking at some cine lenses for your new EOS R cameras these would be worth considering. Samyang has been creating cine lenses for budget shooter for many years now. The RF cine lenses are basically identical to their earlier cine lenses, its just the mount that has changed. You can expect the same quality from Samyang as we have had over the years.

Photogear availability

These lenses will be available to purchase from Photogear as well as the Cine kit. Stock is incoming early May 2022. For more info and pricing on each lens you can click here.

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