Tilta Manfrotto Quick Release Plate Adapter for Tilta Float | The perfect DJI Ronin 4D adapter


The Manfrotto Quick Release Plate Adapter for Tilta Float Stabilizing Arm allows you to directly connect a camera or gimbal to the Tilta Float. This is great if you are needing to quickly switch between camera/ gimbal and tripod. Below is a video by Tilta showing you its full use.

The adapter uses a standardized Manfrotto plate so you can switch between a compatible Manfrotto tripod or Fluid Head and the Tilta float.

This would go hand in hand with the DJI RONIN 4D perfectly. It allows you to offer support when using the camera in hand and making use of its advanced built-in stabilization system.

This adapter is not limited to just the Ronin 4D, as it can be used with pretty much any camera system thanks for its universal mounting of the plate. Using the adapter with the the Tilta Float offers for more comfortable use over long periods of handheld shooting.

Photogear availability

This will be a product we stock at Photogear and pricing will be $269.00.

For more info click here.

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