Zeapon Vlogtopus all-in-one Stand System for Vloggers

Zeapon Vlogtopus All-In-One Stand

The ZEAPON Vlogtopus is a All-in-one stand tree-shaped system that allows content creators to easily rig their tools, like cameras, microphones, and lights to a single stand. It comes in three different rig options: desk mount, telescopic tube, and universal wheeled stand.

For many vloggers and content creators, life revolves around their home studio, and particularly their work desk. But producing professional, high-quality content usually requires a good amount of camera and lighting gear, while it’s not always possible to keep a home setup tidy and clean.

The All-in-one stand

ZEAPON came up with an all-in-one stand system solution aimed for vloggers and content creators, who want to use a variety of tools, while still keeping their working environment tidy. So let’s take a closer look at the new ZEAPON Vlogtopus Series system.

Photogear stocking

We will keep this in stock, our first shipment is due to arrive end of April/ start of May 2022.

Shop all the kits here: https://photogear.co.nz/search-results-page?q=Vlogtopus

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