Aputure launch LS 600d Standard Edition


Interesting move by Aputure to release a SE (standard Edition) version of their new LS 600d Pro. The SE version will be almost identical to the Pro version but without all the features.

The SE version will NOT have CRMX/Lumenradio, weather resistance, reverse charging for V-mount batteries and uses a smaller ballast.

Why the SE?

The Aputure LS 600d Standard could be a popular choice for filmmakers and/ or photographers wanting the power but not needing all the fancy features that comes with the Pro. Most content creators and youtubers won’t need weather sealing or CRMX/Lumenradio. It will still features the same Bowens mount which is widely used across the industry for light modifiers.

You can still use DMX or Sidus Link for external control of the light.

Target Audience

The LS 600d features the same power as the LS 600d Pro while streamlining the control box and features for users who don’t require professional-level LumenRadio CRMX, Art-net compatibility, extreme weather-resistance, and battery charging functionality. For photographers and video creators who require convenient access to intense output with support of the Aputure and Sidus Link ecosystems. Integrating the LS 600d into onset workflows with Sidus Link and DMX512 control gives creators a powerful fixture that seamlessly integrates into their existing ecosystems with smooth dimming control and without color shift or the need to use scrims to decrease output.

The Light Storm product line centers around Bowens Mount compatibility, making it easy for users to quickly swap modifiers. This makes the LS 600d perfect for both in studios and on-location. The LS 600d easily fits into any existing LED lighting package. It is an easy plug-and-play solution for users who need simple and intuitive controls with solid output.


The LS 600d Standard will be around NZD$2349.00, which is nearly a thousand dollars cheaper than the LS 600d Pro. So as you can see the price point for the power and compatibility with other Aputure LS lights could well be worth it.

Photogear availability

Photogear will be able to order this light in and is expected in May 2022.

For more info visit our website or click here.

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