Nikon Z9 G.O.A.T Firmware Update


The Nikon Z9 just got some MAJOR firmware updates! And best of all, they’re FREE! Nikon Z9 firmware update.

The Nikon Z9 has been making waves since its release with its incredibly fast burst photos and video features – making it one of the best hybrid cameras you can buy. Now Nikon has stepped it up, even more.

You might be mistaken when looking at these specs and think that Nikon has released a cinema camera. But no, this is just the Z9 firmware update, that’s free by the way did I mention that?

Video spec upgrades

Firstly in the Nikon Z9 firmware update we have the introduction of RAW. Nikon is introducing internal raw recording using its own N-RAW format or ProRes RAW—both are 12-bit options. Raw offers ultimate flexibility in post-production and the maximum quality capable from the image sensor. N-RAW is a brand-new format and Nikon has done some work to guarantee early support from EDIUS X ver. 10.32, as well as DaVinci Resolve Studio, at launch. N-RAW offers a few benefits, including a smaller file size than traditional raw options and the ability to create an MP4 proxy for previews, dailies, or editing. The following recording modes are available:

  • Full-Frame/FX-Format
    • 8.3K at 60p or 24p
    • 4.1K at 120p, 60p, 30p, or 24p
  • APS-C/DX-Format (1.5x Crop)
    • 5.3K at 60p, 30p, or 24p
  • 2.3x Crop
    • 3.8K 120p

ProRes RAW is an alternative option for those who prefer or require the slightly more familiar format for their workflow, although it is limited to 4.1K at up to 60p. Another quality change coming to the Z9’s video recording is that UHD 4K 60p content can now be oversampled from the 8K image area for improved image sharpness and clarity.

There is a whole lot of other features included such as;

  • Waveform monitor option for real-time exposure analysis
  • Red “Rec” frame indicator on monitor and viewfinder
  • Dedicated video info display shows important settings, such as frame size, audio settings, codec, bit depth, and more on a single screen. The top control panel also will help confirm some info.
  • A Fine ISO Control in manual mode that allows for exposure adjustments in 1/6 EV steps
  • Fast AF-ON is assignable to custom buttons and two different AF speeds can be set to two different controls.
  • Slow shutter speed video of slower than 1/frame rate for working in extreme darkness or to intentionally introduce blur

Photo spec upgrades

The photo upgrades aren’t as drastic as the video ones, but nonetheless they are still welcomed by many professionals.

A brand-new feature is a Pre-release Capture function that will pre-record up to a second of burst images before you press the shutter to ensure you don’t miss the decisive moment. Also helping with that is the ability to select between 20 types of Custom Wide-Area AF patterns so that you can focus on a particular part of the frame. General AF performance has been improved, with particular attention paid to subject detection, AF stability and tracking, and low-contrast or backlit scenes.

When reviewing images, you can now skip to the first shot in each burst to speed up navigation. Additionally, a new Retouch feature called Motion Blend will take a series of images and merge them into a single image, all in-camera. A tripod is recommended for this effect.

The Long Exposure display now shows a live count of the exposure time, and you can dim the viewfinder even more to conserve power and your night vision.

Other changes include Auto Exposure having improved consistency with human faces, a Prioritize Viewfinder mode that mimics the experience of shooting with a DSLR, and a prefer sub-selector center option in the custom menu.

Nikon Z9 Firmware Update

To update your Nikon Z9 firmware click here and follow the download instructions from Nikons official website.

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