Laowa 20mm f/4 Zero-D Shift lens

Laowa 20mm F/4 Zero-D Shift Lens

Laowa 20mm f/4 Zero-D Shift lens is a quality versatile shift lens and providing an ultra-wide angle of view, the lens is claimed to deliver incredible sharpness with close-to-zero optical distortion. The Laowa 20mm Zero-D Shift Lens offers a more natural perspective. The shift lens help photographers to correct the perspectives without compromising the image quality.

Laowa 20mm Zero-D Shift Lens

A ±11mm shift amount on full-frame (±8mm on Medium Format) allows photographers or videographers to have maximum control over the perspective of their images. The lens comes with a rotatable lens hood for avoiding flare and protecting the front lens element.

Product Highlight

·        20mm Ultra-wide Angle Lens

·        ±11mm shift amount

·        Outstanding Optical Performance

·         ‘Zero’ Distortion

·        Rotatable Lens hood

·        Beautiful 14 Sunstars

·        New Version of Lens Support

Pricing & Availability

The Laowa 20mm f/4 Zero-D Shift is now available to purchase. The NZ price for 20mm f/4 Zero-D Shift is $1,979 NZD for all mounts. The Laowa Shift Lens Support is available for sale at $449 NZD.

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