The most compact shoulder rig setup – PolarPro Pivot


The long awaited for ultra-lightweight and minimal, yet rugged, shoulder rig solution. Specifically designed for run-n-gun filmmakers – The PolarPro Pivot is an exciting new rig that is packed with features. Weighing less than 1.8kg (4lbs), the Pivot features over 6 shooting modes.

Shooting modes & Setups

Compact. Designed to fit in a backpack water bottle side pouch or be strapped to the side. This mode allows the PolarPro Pivot to fold down into a small footprint for easy storage. Remember this whole setup weighs less than 1.8kg’s – so transporting it around in your bag when you out shooting or going for a hike or climbing a mountain can be done with ease.

Setup / Pitcrew. Flipping the handles and shoulder pad in a downward position allows Pivot to be placed on the ground with three secure points of contact, enabling easy lens swaps and camera adjustments. It also gives you a steady position for shooting low angles or ground shots.

On-Shoulder. Standard shoulder rig positioning with the camera weight centered over the shoulder. This provides the most comfort and stability when using heavy setups. The handles are extendable as well allowing for maximum comfort when operating.

Over-shoulder. By swinging the lower pad 90-degrees, Pivot will wrap the pad over the shoulder. This greatly improves stability and helps tremendously with one-handed operation when needed.

Chest Press. Essentially the same setup as “over-shoulder”, but instead of placing Pivot up and over the shoulder, the pad is used as a contact point with the chest/stomach/hip. Great for stable low-angle shots. Its good to keep in mind that you get the most stability when you have 3 points of contact. In this instance, the 2 handles are the 2 contact points and the third is your chest, hip or stomach.

On-Tripod. By removing the shoulder pad, rods, grips, and exposing the lower video plate, Pivot can be quickly mounted to a video tripod with an appropriate head, saving time when transitioning from on-shoulder to sticks.

Tool-less operation

The hand grips features 7 different rotations and can be extended up to 130mm. You can also take off the end caps on the handles to reveal a M6 Arri mounting point for attaching your own handles or monitor mounts.

Along with the tool-less operation each handle features 1/4″ 20 thread holes for extra attachments.

Photogear Stock

This is available to order now from Photogear, RRP is $1499.00.

Order online or in-store:

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