New Deity TC-1 Timecode Generator Box

Deity TC-1 Wireless Timecode Generator Box

Deity Microphones has showcased a new Timecode Box, the TC-1 Wireless Timecode Generator Box (Bluetooth, 2.4GHz). As the name suggests, this is a timecode generator with Bluetooth sync so it can be controlled on smartphones using an app.

Deity TC-1 App

This new app called Sidus Audio can control up to 20 Timecode Box devices over a distance of up to 250′ / 76.2m. On the app, you can set the frame rate, TC type, and sync all of the connected Timecode Boxes. There is also the option to choose whether the Timecode Box is sending out LTC or timecode audio if you need to use it with a camera that doesn’t feature a TC input.

What is nice is that if you are sending out an audio timecode signal to a mirrorless hybrid or digital cinema camera that doesn’t accept a TC In, Deity has incorporated a small scratch mic on the Timecode Box. This way it actually sends out a stereo signal so that the audio timecode is on the left channel and the scratch mic is on the right.

Because not everyone wants to use an app to control and see the status of their Timecode Box, Deity has also included a small screen and controls on the Timecode Box.

The battery in the Timecode Box is claimed to last for up to 24 hours which is nice to see. You can charge the Timecode Box via a USB-C input.

The Deity Timecode Box is going to be quite a bit larger than something like a Tentacle Sync E mkII, but you do get the added advantage of getting onboard controls and a display, as well as a scratch mic.

Price & Availability

The Deity TC-1 Timecode Box (Single Unit) is $359 NZD, and the Deity TC-1 Timecode Box (3pc Kit) is $899 NZD. Both are now available to pre-order at Photogear.

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