Sony 16-35mm PZ f/4 G Lens Street TEST


The NEW Sony 16-35mm PZ f/4 G lens has been out for a couple weeks now. After getting our hands on some stock we decided to take it for a test in the streets!

Initially I was surprised by how small it was. It was the same size as my medium sized coffee cup. It comes with its own lens pouch, as all Sony G lenses do, and includes a sun hood for it. The lens also has a 72mm filter diameter so finding caps or filters won’t be a challenge.


The small size made it great for shooting on the street and being discreet. The internal zoom was great as well as it didn’t draw too much attention. The flyby wire zoom ring took some getting used to. It wasn’t my favorite feature as quickly zooming in or out to a specific length was difficult. There was a slight delay as it is all electronic, but for video use with smooth zoom in or out it will be perfect. The T/W rocker is great for getting a constant slow zoom speed. Mainly used for video purposes.

The autofocus was impressive and quick! I was able to get shots of people walking past without even having to really look at the camera. Just point it in the direction and fire. The compact body helps with this too.



Here are the photos for you to examine and look at closer. Overall I was happy with the results of the lens and also its compact design made discreet street shooting a lot easier. The 16-35mm focal range is a great option for street shoots.

Price and availability

The lens is currently in stock and available at both our Photogear stores. You can also purchase online.

Sony 16-35mm PZ f/4 price: $2,249.95 (at the time of writing this).

To browse online or purchase through our website click here.

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