Let there be light, with the Aputure Nova P600c Accessories

Aputure Nova P600c Accessories

The Nova P600c represents the next generation of the Nova family of Aputure LED panels. Showcasing its new dynamic Aputure Nova P600C accessories; Softbox, barn doors, 45° metal grid, space light, dual head yoke & pole yoke, and a rain shield.


Aputure P600C Softbox

This Aputure P600c Softbox is a medium-sized 60x90cm rectangular soft light modifier. It increases the illuminated surface area of the P600c by approximately three times. The softbox features a highly reflective interior for improved light efficiency. This medium-sized light modifier increases the overall surface area of the panel to enable a soft, wraparound quality. Includes a 45° light control grid that narrows and concentrates the light’s beam for directional control. Retails for $270 NZD

Aputure Barndoors

Aputure P600C Barndoors

The Aputure P600c Barndoors are a four-leaf light control accessory specially designed for this RGBWW LED soft panel light, allowing users to quickly minimize excess spill light and adjust the fixture’s illuminance area. Its high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum construction is durable, making it a welcome addition to any filmmaking environment. Retails for $360 NZD

45° Metal Grid

Aputure P600c 45° Metal Grid

The Aputure P600c 45° Metal Grid slides directly into the unit’s accessory slots to narrow the spread of light and eliminate spill. It features a lightweight, low-profile design and allows further control your fixture without any noticeable gain in size or weight. Retails for $125 NZD

Space Light Diffuser

Aputure P600C Space Light

The Aputure P600c Space Light is an omni-direction soft light diffuser for the RGBWW LED Panel. It features a cylindrical design, which is achieved by mounting the light into a suspended frame. This allows the panel to spread light 360° over a wider area, reducing edge shadows, and making it suitable for creating soft light environments. Retails for $360 NZD


Aputure P600C Dual Head Yoke

Dual Head Yoke

The Dual Head Yoke for the Nova P600c allows users to stack two Nova P600c lamp heads and mount them to a single durable aluminum frame, making it easy to operate them simultaneously for a high power 60 x 60cm soft light fixture with 1200W of RGBWW output. Both lamp heads can feature independent 360° tilt adjustment so you can achieve a wider spread of light or a high-intensity push in a single direction. Retails for $631 NZD

Aputure P600C Pole Yoke

Pole Yoke

The Nova P600c Pole Operated Yoke is designed specifically  for studio use, allowing users to adjust the pan and tilt of the  Nova P600c while the fixture is hung from a lighting grid. By rotating the knobs affixed to the yoke, the pan and tilt axes of  the Nova P600c can be independently adjusted for 360° rotation. Retails for $631 NZD

Rain Shield

Aputure P600C Rain Shield

The Aputure P600c Rain Shield protects the fixture from inclement weather. It features high-density waterproof nylon fabric, and installation is simple with metal side supports that slide into the accessory slot of the panel. The shield also provides reusable hook-and-loop fasteners that can withstand more than 2,000 repeat applications. Retails for $270 NZD

Nova P600c Case

Aputure P600c Case

The Aputure Nova P600c Case was designed specifically to store and transport the P600c. This rolling hard case features heavy duty wheels and handles that make transportation a breeze and a robust, injection-molded polyethylene construction for 360 degrees protection. Retails for $667 NZD

Pricing and Availability

Aputure has set a very reasonable pricing for all of the new kit. Prices range from $125 to $631 NZD. These Aputure Nova P600C accessories are now available for pre-order and stocks arriving soon at Photogear.

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