Laowa’s newest 2x macro lens | Laowa 90mm 2x Ultra-Macro


Laowa introduces their newest 2X Ultra-Macro APO lens. The 90mm f/2.8 is their fifth addition to their Ultra Macro lineup.

This lens is designed specifically for mirrorless cameras with full-frame sensors. Its 2:1 magnification capability and focus to infinity means the lens can capture subjects in any size. Making it very versatile for different applications including macro, commercial and portrait photography. It’s compact and lightweight design makes it significantly smaller than other equivalents on the market. An apochromatic (APO) characteristic is equipped even in high magnification to provide outstanding image quality.

Key Features

  • Incredible 2x magnification
  • Apochromat APO design
  • Specific designed for mirrorless cameras
  • Much smaller than equivalents
  • Outstanding sharpness
  • Smooth bokeh
  • Internal focusing
Stewart Wood

2x Magnification

With 2x magnification you are able to capture tiny insects and get very close up to subjects. Combined with the lenses sharpness the 2x magnification allows for greater details to be captured. The minimum focusing distance is 20.5cm all the way through to infinity with the maximum 2:1 ratio. 2x magnification allows you to easily create astonishing looking images.

Apochromatic (APO) Design

The APO design allows for better control of chromatic aberration in the in-focus and out-of-focus areas. This reduces the post editing time of having to get rid of chromatic aberration and ghosting as well as giving you the highest image quality possible. As you can see in the image below there is little to none chromatic aberration when stopped down to its lowest aperture and open at it’s widest.

Specifically designed for mirrorless cameras

This lens provides a solidly built option for mirrorless cameras with high performance. It’s lightweight and compact design also adds to the portability of a mirrorless camera setup.

The lens is only 619g with the dimensions of Ø74 x 120mm, making it the smallest compared to the equivalent lenses in the market. As you can see in the images below it is compared with the Canon 100mm Macro and the Sony 90mm Macro.

Image Sharpness

The Laowa 90mm 2x macro lens has 13 elements in 10 groups optical structure with 3 extra-low dispersion elements provide high optical quality. Outstanding image quality is maintained from corner to corner.


The lens has 13 aperture blades, which means it can create pleasing, soft and round bokeh.

Internal Focusing

An internal focus means there is less chance of a collision between lens and subject. It also keeps the lens cleaner with less chance of dust and dirt getting into the lens.

Below is a spec sheet with a MFT chart as well.

Photogear Pricing and Availability

This is a lens that Photogear will stock and sell. The release of the lens in June means we should be expecting stock to arrive in store towards the end of June / start of July. You can buy online or in-store.

To view the Laowa 90mm 2x Macro Lens click here.

The price of the lens (at the time of writing tis) will be NZD$899.00

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