How Does Netflix Approve a Camera ?


Is your camera Netflix approved and what does it need to become Netflix approved? These are some questions many filmmakers have been discussing over the years and especially in-store with us.

Well, now Netflix has made a behind the scenes video diving into some great detail about what they look at. The key criteria they look at is;

  • Resolution
  • Dynamic Range
  • Colour Reproduction
  • Noise Performance
  • Sensor Readout Speed
  • Compression
  • Chroma Subsampling
  • Bit Depth

Recording Requirements

In order for a camera to become Netflix approved there are certain standards the camera needs to adhered to. Below is a list of minimum requirements.

Keep in mind that this is the minimum requirements and not all camera may meet these in order to get approved. Netflix is flexible as they understand that some specialized cameras are required to get certain shots. For example you may need a small form factor to record a car crashing into a wall. Another thing they consider is the reliability of the camera, performance, stability and workflow compatibility. Not only does a camera need to produce great image quality for the viewer but it needs to be workable for the crew.

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