The best light for most content creation: The Ringlights


Ringlights are probably one of the most commonly used and easy to use lights for content creators and artists of all sorts. The ring shape allows you to shoot through the light which helps with eliminating shadows.


The ringlight is great for beauty bloggers and people that create content around make up and VFX.

Reviewers/ Talking Heads

If you are a reviewer or do any talking to camera then the ringlight is another great option for you. You can put your camera in the middle of the ringlight and talk to camera. You will also get the desired look that a lot of people like when you can see the ringlight in the reflection of your eyes.

Tattoo artists

If you have ever gotten a tattoo you will see they 99% of the time use a ringlight. Tattoo artists like these for the same reason as being able to shoot through the light. The hole allows the artists to look at what they doing and eliminate any shadows.

Made for everyone

As you can see ringlights can be used by pretty much anyone. They are also fairly cheap and easy to use and setup. To see a more in depth review and hands on check out our video below.

Buy a ringlight

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