Samyang 50mm cine XEEN Anamorphic Lens

Samyang XEEN Anamorphic Lens

Samyang has released 50mm T2.3 XEEN Anamorphic lens only available in PL mount. The lens has been designed to cover full-frame sensors, however, it will cover a 43.2mm image circle and they have a 114mm front diameter.

The 50mm T2.3 has a physical circumference of Ø128.0 and it is 19.8cm long. Despite featuring some carbon fiber, this is not a light lens and it tips the scales at 3.9 kg.

The lens has a minimum focusing distance of 1m. It has 15 aperture blades and a focus throw of 300 degrees. The front of the lens features an industry-standard 114mm diameter.

The 50mm T2.3 has focus and iris scales on both sides of the lens. It also features a luminous coating so you can see key information in low light working environments.

XEEN Anamorphic Key Features

  • 2x Anamorphic lens for high-end digital cinematography
  • Covers full-frame sensor
  • Compatible with PL mount
  • 50mm T2.3

Compatible with Full Frame Sensor

Compatible with full-frame PL mount cameras. It offers excellent quality, high resolution, and excellent sharpness. It’s suitable for 4K or UHD as well as 8K resolution cameras.

2X Anamorphic :Magnificent & Highly Immersive

After being de-squeezed, the XEEN Anamorphic 50mm T2.3 lens covers a 2.55:1 original cinematic cope ratio in a 35mm full-frame sensor in order to provide old films’ own vintage look and a wider field of view and more attractive images from a horizontal angle of view.

Carbon Fiber

By applying carbon fiber, which is lighter than metal but solid and beautiful, to the lens body tube, it remains lightweight while maintaining durability.

Outstanding Usability

Designed to 114mm standard front diameter size it is easily compatible with 4×5 Matte Box. All scales, including focal length and aperture values, are on both sides of the lens and with the luminous font that glows in the dark, enabling convenient verification and operation, even in low light environments. 300° wide focus gear rotation angle makes you adjust focus minutely

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