Godox releases R200 ring flash add-on for AD200 and AD200Pro pocket flashes

Godox R200 Ring Flash

Godox has announced the R200 Ring Flash for its AD200Pro and AD200 pocket flashes. The R200 is an add-on rather than an all-in-one ring flash like the Godox AR400.

By opting for an accessory for separate flashes, the R200 is less than half the weight of the AR400. The R200 is also less powerful, offering 200Ws of flash power versus the AR400’s 400Ws power. The R200 has a 5,800K color temp, +/- 200K. It includes a 10W modeling lamp that is 4,500K (+/- 300K).

To clarify, the R200 requires an AD200Pro or AD200, as the flash provides the power and electronics for the R200. The AR400 instead includes everything in a single larger and heavier package.

The R200 is compatible with numerous new accessories, including a large reflector dish, honeycomb grids, gels and more. Godox has also made a specially designed umbrella bracket for the R200, allowing the user to create more diffuse light.

The R200 comes with a mini bag that you can use to store your AD200Pro while using the R200 ring flash. The R200 is designed for a more run-and-gun style of photography than the AR400. Given its 640g weight, the R200 should be quite easy to handhold, even for extended periods.

The ring flash comes with a foldable camera bracket, allowing you to fold up the attachment quickly and easily. Godox has designed the R200 to be used in many ways. You can mount it onto your camera, set it up on a light stand thanks to the R200’s extension cable, or use it as a handheld off-camera flash, even without an assistant.

The Godox R200 is available to order now for $540 NZD. To use the R200, you must also have a Godox AD200 or AD200Pro, which cost $549 and $599, respectively. Both pocket flashes come with a speedlight head and a bare bulb flash head. Available accessories for the R200 range from $24 to around $115 for bag, gels, grids and the reflector dish.

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