Swit VANGO RGBW Lights

SWIT has announced a new range of RGBW panel lights called VANGO. This new range consists of the VANGO-70, and VANGO-100.

  • VANGO 70 3
  • VANGO 70 2
  • VANGO 100 1
  • VANGO 70 3

The VANGO-70 is a 1×1 70W panel, and the VANGO-100 is a 2×1 100W panel. The VANGO series are made entirely of metal and they come with removable aluminum 4-leaf barndoors.


The SWIT VANGO RGBW Panel Lights are only 2.1cm thick and it is reasonably lightweight and portable. Here is what the various panels weigh:

  • VANGO-70: 4kg
  • VANGO-100: 6kg

SWIT claims that the VANGO panels are brighter than any of its competitors when used in RGB mode. The VANGO-70, which draws 70W, is stated to have the same brightness as other 200W RGB products, while the VANGO-100 (100W) has an output comparable to 300W RGB panels. Most RGBW panels can only output 1/3 of the Red, Green, or Blue channel’s brightness. By utilizing SWIT’s unique Time-Division technology, VANGO panels have a much higher RGB output than other RGBW products of the same power.

Screenshot 2022 06 16 at 11 12 31 AM

The Vango panels doesn’t have any built-in fan so it won’t create any noise. They also feature a built-in diffusion panel so that you can use them without a softbox if you need to create a soft source, but don’t want to carry around additional accessories like a softbox.

On-board 3.5-inch Color LCD, Visualized Color Selection

VANGO 100 4

The lights all feature a 3.5″ color LCD panel that lets you control and adjust your light settings. In CCT mode, the panels can go from 2800K to 10,000K with a claimed CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 93. In addition to CCT/HSI/RGB/CIE/Light Effects, there is also a Gel selection mode, which provides Rosco and Lee Gels, and supports Gels import.

Bluetooth APP Control

The VANGO series can be fully controlled via the new free SWIT Console mobile APP, that is available for iOS and Android devices.

The whole concept behind the VANGO panels was to come up with affordable, well-made RGBW lights that people can use for small scenes as a key light or fill light. The design of the VANGO series is based on SWIT’s existing PL-E60, PL-E90, and PL-E90L lights.

On the back of the panels, you will find 5-pin DMX input and output ports, an integrated V- mount/Gold-mount battery plate, and a USB port for firmware updates.


Pricing & Availability

The SWIT VANGO-70 will retail for $1,499 NZD. The VANGO-100 costs $1,999 NZD. Both of these lights are now available for pre-order at Photogear.

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