Panasonic LUMIX GH6 SSD Recording


When the GH6 was released Panasonic promised that it will be able to record via USB in the future. Well, the future is now. With a new firmware update for the GH6 you can now record to a compatible SSD via the USB port.

To update your firmware on the Panasonic GH6 you can follow the instruction on the below link:

SSD Recording advantages

The advantages of this are that SSD’s can be a lot quicker than the standard SD card. So you can make full use of the GH6’s ProRes 422 HQ recording or 5.7K 60p. You can also get a much larger SSD for a cheaper price than you can get a large SD card or CFexpress card. For example a 2TB Samsung T7 drive is $510 whereas a 512GB V90 SD card is $1345 or a 2TB Cfexpress Type B card is $1685.

SSD Recording disadvantages

There is only one real disadvantage to SSD recoding and that is that you are now recording to an external device. It is no longer internal in the camera. This means that you will need to fit the SSD to your camera. Most people that have a cage for their camera won’t find this being an issue but for those that don’t have a cage you will need to get one. Smallrig has great cage options for the Panasonic Lumix GH6. All you would need on top of the cage is an SSD holder such as this one from Smallrig.

Photogear Kits

Since we like to make things easy for you, we have already made some kits with the GH6 if you plan to use SSD recording and get the full recording capabilities from your camera. You can find both the kits below;

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