Sony Cinema Line


We live in a new age of content consumption where we can choose to connect with distant people, unseen places, exotic cultures, and untold stories at will. We can change the way we experience the world with Sony Cinema Line.

At Photogear, we celebrate creators and visual storytellers, and are dedicated to enabling their extraordinary skill and talent.
For decades Sony has worked with the creative community by providing support and supplying tools made by Cinematographers for Cinematographers.
Sony’s exceptional insight from top film industries and the frontier of digital imaging come together to create a line of powerful creative tools designed to capture emotion in every frame and unleash the true power of visual storytelling from every corner of content creation.

Create With Cinema Line

Sony FX Line-Up

Sony FX9 Cinema Camera

Stunning full frame cinematography, optimized for fast workflow.

Shop FX9 here.

Sony FR-7 Cinema Camera

The FR7 provides smooth pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) control coupled with a full-frame image sensor and a high-quality E-mount lens line-up.

Shop FR-7 here.

Sony FX6 Cinema Camera

Inside a compact body that’s ready for grab-and-shoot action, the FX6 packs a highly sensitive, full-frame image sensor with the power to expand your moviemaking creativity.

Shop FX6 here.

Sony FX3 Cinema Camera

With enhanced mobility for easy solo shooting, alongside pro operability, it’s the ideal creative tool to capture a cinematic vision anywhere.

Shop FX3 here.

Sony FX30 Cinema Camera

Capture stunning images with a true cinematic look with sophisticated AF and stabilization features.

Shop FX30 here.

The “Look”

The Sony Cinema Line look is optimally designed to create luxurious film-like video expression. With colour tones resembling those of film for skin textures and the like.


Care has also been taken to make Sony Cinema Line products easy to use, with movie shooting in mind. Careful attention has been paid to all areas including body design, durability and battery life. This allows creators to produce impressive content for cinema film and movie production in comfort.

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