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    Sony Cinema Line

    We live in a new age of content consumption where we can choose to connect with distant people, unseen places, exotic cultures, and untold stories at will. We can change the way we experience the world with Sony Cinema Line. At Photogear, we celebrate creators and visual storytellers, and are dedicated to enabling their extraordinary skill and talent.For decades Sony ...
  • Hollyland Mars 4K

    Hollyland MARS 4K Wireless Video Transmission System

    The new Hollyland Mars 4K wireless video transmission system is capable of a 450ft (150m) LOS range and ultra-low latency of 0.06s. The Mars 4K is designed to combine high performance and reliable quality at an affordable price. KEY FEATURES Pricing & Availability The Hollyland Mars 4K retail for $1,297 NZD and is now available for preorder at Photogear.
  • Sirui Anamorphic Lenses

    SIRUI 1.6x Anamorphic Lenses & 1.25x Anamorphic Adapter

    SIRUI has unveiled new 35mm and 100mm 1.6x anamorphic lenses, as well as a 1.25x anamorphic adapter. The whole reason behind this was to create a budget anamorphic lens solution with a 2x squeeze for more noticeable anamorphic characteristics. These lenses join the existing 50mm and 75mm 1.6x anamorphic lenses. The 1.6x lineup comes in RF, L, E, and Z-Mount. All ...
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    Panasonic LUMIX GH6 SSD Recording

    When the GH6 was released Panasonic promised that it will be able to record via USB in the future. Well, the future is now. With a new firmware update for the GH6 you can now record to a compatible SSD via the USB port. To update your firmware on the Panasonic GH6 you can follow the instruction on the below ...
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